Remote MeDi

Premium Kiosk

The Remote MeDi solution moves your pharmacy store at any location regardless the distance from your base.

Truly independent, completely autonomous, 24/7 operation.

A truly independent entity, the Remote MeDi offers completely autonomous 27/7 operation, smart temperature management, safe and robust antivandal construction for outdoor usage, while using our patented cutting edge robotic dispensing system.

All the above, without the need to have a pharmacist or employee on site.

Live streaming video allows tellers to be able to assist, guide and oversight the whole process of implementing prescriptions, ordering the products and checking the correct delivery to the customer, each and every time. This way you can have just a few employees handling a lot more terminals spread across a wider area.

  • 23’’ High Brightness anti-vandal touch screen
  • First In-First Out stock management with auto-alerts
  • Multiple sensors and cameras for safety and remote oversight
  • Fully automated reloading system for fast product replenishing
  • Active Cooling and heating for stable temperatures
  • Multiple point locking system
  • Motorized pick-up/reject tray
  • Privacy telephone handset
  • Audio and Video guidance
  • Card Payment (cash payment optional)
  • 80mm thermal receipt printer
  • Remote operation and handling
  • Scanning and implementing prescriptions



Error Minimization

Improved customer experience

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