Software Suite

The main software suite behind every entity of our product line, SoftMeDi is a complete system for remote viewing, controlling and auditing your RoboMeDi fleet of machines, stocks and sales.

Designed and developed with the latest tools for a smooth, easy to use and intuitive user experience. Managing all your automated pharmacy points was never easier.



Error Minimization

Security and Confidentiality

  • Live video chat between teller/pharmacist and customer
  • Dedicated software package for unattended sales of non-prescription products
  • Recording and logging of all transactions and communications
  • Adaptability to your business needs and requirements
  • Ads management platform
  • Multiple cameras management (up to 20)
  • Cashier and payments management (cash and card payments)
  • Secure database of all vital information (stock, sales, video, orders, prescriptions)
  • Advanced analytics and reports
  • Smooth integration with existing software products