Outdoor Selling Points

Easy and secure delivery of pharmaceutical and Para pharmaceutical products with any size and shape, outside of your store, even on non-working hours.

Gain competitive advantage by installing this stand-alone, easy to use, smart seller.

These solutions ensure 24/7 operation while using a sophisticated robotic dispensing system equipped with all the necessary sensors to ensure flawless transactions end-to-end.

By using a high-brightness, high definition, 43’’ vertical touch display instead of the outdated glass window, the VeDi will surely catch the attention of passing customers and will offer a pleasant and dynamic state of the art experience.

Equipped with A.I. camera system you can take advantage of targeted advertising and promotion of products and services.

  • 43’’ high brightness anti-vandal touch screen
  • Video advertising capabilities
  • Audio and video guidance
  • Up to 150 different SKUs
  • A.I. camera for targeted and smart promotions
  • Card and Cash Payment
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Robust but elegant design
  • Multiple point locking system (alarm optional)



Security and Confidentiality

Improved customer experience

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